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100% Made in the Usa!!

The Latest Technology in Lifetime Warranted Gutter Protection

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16 colors

   GUTTER SHIELD™ is a revolutionary new gutter guard system that installs right on your existing gutters, which saves you money!

   The first great thing about GUTTER SHIELD™ is that the frame is completely constructed of the same gauge (.027) aluminum as the highest quality gutters (Alcoa, Mastic). The second benefit of GUTTER SHIELD™ is the Stainless Steel mesh that filters out any possible debris that comes in contact with the guard. Stainless Steel does not adversely react with aluminum like carbon steel, so these two elements will work hand-in-hand to protect your gutters ffor a lifetime. 

   The gauge of Stainless Steel mesh is fine enough that even the shingle granules and pine needles cannot intrude, but unlike many other products on the market, the mesh is not so fine as to prevent a heavy flow of water from entering the gutter in a heavy rainstorm. Other products, with their mesh that is too fine, do not allow the gutter system to "breathe", making an environment where moss can grow inside the gutter, and lichen can grow on the top of the unreasonably fine mesh.

   There in a nutshell is the beauty of GUTTER SHIELD™ gutter protection, Strength, Longevity, Breathability, and of course value. 

   Let's talk about value for a minute. We price GUTTER SHIELD™ by the foot. We measure your gutters to the exact foot, and that determines the price. We factor in Cleaning, Flushing out all impurities (to prevent any organic growth), re-align the gutters for optimal performance, and seal the seems, all-in-one price, with no additional "add-on" costs. Our goal is to provide you with the ability to forget about your gutters with the peace of mind that they will service you well for life! We even give you a Lifetime Warranty to ensure you are protected. 

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   My favorite aspect of these guards is how they enhance the beauty and style of the trim line of the home. GUTTER SHIELD™ has a patented overhanging front lip that is not only functional in the fact that it diverts rain away from the front of the gutter face, preventing those black streaks (black streaks in photo were pre-existing, however, we DO offer gutter brightening service if desired) from forming, but also looks very attractive and gives the gutter a more complete and refined look. GUTTER SHIELD™ is installed using color matched, Stainless Steel screws that are guaranteed to look great for a lifetime since they will not rust or corrode like the average zinc screws that most other brands use.


   Simply stated, GUTTER SHIELD™ is the #1 choice for being the most attractive, strongest, longest-lasting, and most value priced gutter protection product on the market today.

                      Call us today for your Free, No obligation Quote (724) 333-4773.


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Four Available Styles in 
Two Sizes, 5" (standard)
& 6" (commercial)


Pro Micromesh



Pro Round

Micromesh Pro specifications


     At Legacy Elite LLC we take great pride in our first class installation process. Many companies use cheap hardware when installing guards, but we always go the extra mile, sourcing the very best, strongest, and everlasting materials to ensure that your gutter guards will perform flawlessly for a lifetime! We take a very comprehensive aproach to installation. 


                                     1. Clean the gutters to remove any heavy debris.

​        2. Powerwash the gutter to remove all organic material so that nothing has any chance to                                                    grow within the gutter in the future.



             3. Re-align any poorly set gutters so that they will have proper fall for water flow.






4. If your existing hangers are in disrepair, or need an upgrade, we install the newest, most modern (Hidden Hanger) which adds exponential strength to the gutter to withstand any weather condition possible.




5. We seal all joints with the latest, longest lasting, flexible clear sealant that is about the consistancy of honey. We brush it into the joint to ensure total coverage and the product never hardens for the life of the gutter. It remains supple and flexible so that even if the joints may move in the future for whatever reason, the sealant will flex along with it to keep it watertight for a lifetime.

6. The final stage is installing the gutter guard product. We custom measure and fit each piece to ensure a tight and exact fit. We use Stainless Steel color matched to the gutter guard screws to attach the guards. We put 3 screws on the top front lip, and 2 screws in the back of the guard to secure and seal it to the fascia so that no debris, bugs, or birds could ever enter the gutter for a lifetime. Our customers are always incredibly impressed with the thoroughness of installation. We generally prefer to use our lift to install guards because it affords us the ease of reaching heights with less strain so we can concentrate on doing the absolute best quality job possible for our customers so they never have to worry about gutter problems ever again!


A video of a typical Gutter Shield™ installation


Legacy Elite LLC provides a lifetime warranty for all of our Gutter Shield products that have been professionally installed by us. It is presented to the customer in a print form so please file it in your records because this paper warranty form serves as your proof of purchase if ever you would have need for warranty service to your new gutterguards. Below we have added a copy of the warranty.




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