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Window Cleaning

   Traditional window cleaning is an art all to itself. It takes many years of experience to master the skills necessary to clean a window properly and completely. Here is a video of our technique as demonstrated on a commercial building's interior windows.

                                 (Videography and Voiceover by Brooke, 🤣 she is a hoot!)

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Pure Water Window Cleaning

   Pure water window cleaning is the process of using a large extendable carbon fiber pole with a brush to clean windows very efficiently and perfectly. Pure water is piped up the pole with a light tubing and is expelled through a specialized rinse bar that sprays the water on the window to 1.lubricate the brush to scrub the dirt off and 2. Rinse away the impurities to leave the glass perfectly clean. The water is not just tap water, it is purified through a series of 4 different types of filter. 

1. Sediment filter to remove the coarse impurities.

2. Chlorine filter to remove any chlorine from the water so it will not damage the next filter.

3. Reverse Osmosis membrane to squeeze out 99% of all minerals.

4. Mixed bed deionization vessel to "polish" the water, magnetically extracting all remaining impurities leaving the water with a TDS (total dissolved solids) rating of exactly 0.00 parts per million. Now thats clean water! Much cleaner than the water you drink in fact!

So clean in fact that we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our window cleaning!

Screen Cleaning

   Screen cleaning can be a very arduous task every spring when it's time to put the screens back in your windows for the year. In the old days, we used to use a bucket of water, a garden hose, and alot of back breaking scrubbing! But that is a thing of the past! Now we impliment a screen cleaning machine that is a "soapless" way of cleaning. No soap is needed, instead, the brushes agitate the dirt off as the water rinses the dirt away. The best part of this method is that there is no soap residue left on the screen for the dirt to stick to, leaving your screens clean much longer than the old method.

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