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The Crew!



This is me, the owner and founder of Legacy Elite LLC (formerly Legacy Window Cleaning). I love going out to give an estimate for a new customer and meeting one-on-one for the first time. Most people expect just a fast and furious quote, but I really enjoy finding things we have in common and really having a good talk! That is what it's all about! 

My passion is reinventing my van every year to make it more and more efficient. I build all of my own components so if anything goes wrong on the job, I can quickly assess the issue and get back in service right away!


Brooke is my 14 year old baby girl! She doesn't have much interest in the business...YET, but i hope one day she will!

She is such an amazing kid, she is a student leader in the youth group at our church and she is a member of sozo at her school (an after school christian club). She gets really good grades and loves to debate her mother and I every chance she gets! I keep telling her that she needs to go to school to be a lawyer! She loves to act and sing and is always in every musical production that she can find! She is my baby girl and she is so much like me it's scary! The only problem is that her Papa (Grandpa) is her favorite so I must settle for second place..haha!


Chrissy is my business partner but more importantly, she is my wife and my best friend! We truly love working side-by-side every day! She handles all of the paperwork end of things and keeps a tight reign on the schedule. She makes our little family business run like a swiss watch! I honestly don't know what I would do without her!

She is loaded with mobile technology this year, she even has the capability to create estimates, invoices, and even print everything right from her passenger seat in the van! Pic enclosed!

Chrissy in action!


Drake is my 16 year old hero, I mean son. He is the most loveable, friendly, outgoing kid you could ever meet! I call him my hero because he is much more brave than I was at his age, he is never afraid to get up on a stage to sing, or go to a job interview. He wasn't even nervous when he went for his drivers test, he has nerves of steel! He is the favorite person of all the kids at church, he is always building them up and making them feel important. He is just awesome! You may get to meet him sometime, he works with me alot in the summers when he has a day off from his regular job.

(the van)

Work van (Ramsey)

   Ramsey (named this because its a ram promaster) is a true workhorse of a van. As you can see in the picture, Ramsey pulls a heavy load quite often. Wellington (or "Welly" for short, named because it helps us greatly on properties that utilize a well for their water source) is a 525 gallon water tank on wheels. This setup has saved us many times over when a lack of water is the issue. Suprisingly enough, we wash alot of homes that are on a well, and we can wash anywhere from 2 to 5 properties on a tank depending on the type and size of job. Rarely does it ever take an entire tank to do one job, unless it is a full house wash, roof wash, and driveway cleaning. Then you are talking some major water usage. 

   We are incredibly efficient in our water usage as well. We filter alot of water to create our own pure water for window cleaning using a reverse osmosis/deionization system that I built so that we can transfer the "waste" water from the reverse osmosis vessel into the 525 gallon tank to utilize it for pressure washing, which is very helpful because the super-mineralized water helps the softwash process (the algecide reacts with the minerals and enhances the strength so it cleans more efficiently). The other great thing about this is that we are not dropping one ounce of water on the ground, it all gets used in a very efficient, and environmentally friendly manner! win win!

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