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                                               Legacy Elite LLC Terms and Conditions

                                                              (Please Read Below)


Work to be performed by Legacy Elite LLC as agreed. This is a legally binding agreement and is subject to terms and the conditions listed below:

This is an agreement on the named services, subject to the conditions noted below: By accepting this agreement I fully understand what has been reviewed to me and expectations set along with all other documentation that has been forwarded to me. Legally Binding Agreement: By hiring the services of Legacy Elite LLC, the customer has agreed to this legally binding contract for work to be completed at an agreed upon price. A print or email pdf copy of the terms and conditions are available for free upon request and there is always an easily accessible link to the Terms and Conditions of service on the company website Legacy Elite LLC will not be held liable for any areas that we were not contracted to perform services on.

In the event that you break this contract, all deposits made to the company shall be surrendered as damages.

Legacy Elite LLC is fully insured.  Proof of Insurance available upon request.


1)Legacy Elite LLC is not responsible for any leaks due to faulty seals on doors or windows nor any pre-existing damage. Window Cleaning disclosure, if requested to remove tape or any other difficult substances using a razor scraper on the glass or any other surfaces, we are not responsible for scratches. Furthermore, we will not touch any damaged or broken glass and it will remain unclean.

Please disclose these areas prior to commencement of work. We assume no liability for these conditions.

2) Water Usage: By signing this agreement, you agree to provide Legacy Elite LLC with the right to use an on-site water supply as needed to complete the stated project without compensation. If an exterior water supply is required, it will be at an additional $50.00 charge.

3) Courtesy: While Legacy Elite LLC is on location and performing work on your property, you are responsible for keeping all children and pets, as well as other individuals away from the work area.

4) Removal & Replacement of Deck & Patio Contents: Removal and replacement of grills, deck furniture, planters and any other items are the responsibility of the homeowner. Should we need to remove items from the work area, we will not be responsible for any damage, breakage, or storage issues. An additional charge may be applied for time and labor devoted to the removal of these items.

5) Damages: Legacy Elite LLC is not responsible for damages due to improperly installed siding, loose shingles, or siding, broken or opened windows, improperly sealed windows and doors, wood rot, defective construction, improperly secured wires, lose or improperly installed gutters and leaders and improper caulking. In every aluminum siding case and in some cases with vinyl siding, the sun and weather will oxidize the color or cause fading. Soft washing and Power Washing, which entails removal of chalky, gritty, or failing surface materials may cause the faded aspects of the vinyl or aluminum to stand out. Legacy Elite LLC will not be responsible for such conditions.

6) Vehicles: Legacy Elite LLC is not responsible for damage to any Cars, Rv’s , Motorcycles, Boats, or any other Vehicles inside of our work zone. Please have all vehicles out of Driveway or parking spot directly in working area.  

7) Stains: Some stains cannot be removed by soft washing or power washing. Rust, artillery fungus, splatters from stains and paints are examples of materials that cannot be removed by conventional means. We make every attempt to point these areas out to the customer when quoting the project, in addition, things of this nature sometimes go unnoticed, and we will not be held liable for lack of pointing this out.  Sometimes these stains cannot be removed at all.

8) Legacy Elite LLC expects your property to be in good repair and weathertight. This includes but is not limited to all electrical services including receptacles and light fixtures.  Legacy Elite LLC requires that all electrical cords be removed from outlets prior to service. Doors and windows shall also be weathertight. Legacy Elite LLC is not responsible for damage because of water infiltration from poor or improper installation, maintenance or repair of electrical related items or doors or windows. We will make every effort to prepare the work zone professionally by securing your outlets and light fixtures with coverings and duct tape your outlets sealing them tight so no water or chemical will enter. We water your plants and trees, so the chemical is not absorbed. Any plants, bushes, trees, flowers, and other items flush up against the house; we take every pre-caution measure necessary to include tarping, but we will not be liable for any damage. Please on the day of service, remove any items that are leaning against or in the way of the house or porch/deck to prevent any damage or discolor from the use of our chemical.

9) Gutter Guard Installation: 50% Deposit of the total estimate will be due upon acceptance of estimate to purchase the material. Roof designs vary and we will do our utmost to customize and fit the guards to best service your home. There are many factors that come into play such as roof pitch, style of gutter, style of gutter hanger used, quality of prior contractors’ workmanship, and condition of gutters at the time of service. Legacy Elite LLC will not be held liable for any of these factors as they are a pre-existing condition of your home.

9) Payments: Payments to Legacy Elite LLC are due upon receipt of job completion on the date of service and are to be paid by Check, Credit Card, or Cash. All balances are ALWAYS due upon completion of the job. All jobs will be charged their appropriate sales tax rate for their current location on the total sales. Any variance to this policy must be agreed upon in writing in our contract. 2% Late charges will be assessed within 10 days on all balances not paid in accordance with contract terms.

    Thank you for your business!    

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