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Driveway Cleaning & Sealing

Concrete sealing before and after

   Concrete is very susceptible to erosion, cracking, and chipping if left unprotected from the elements. Especially here in our rainy climate that has seasonal freeze and thaw cycles. Salt that drops from the bottom of cars is a major factor in the destruction of concrete as well. A good maintenance practice for concrete is to have it cleaned and sealed every few years as needed to protect it and keep it looking new. 

Fallout Removal

Fallout removal before
Fallout removal after

   Fallout is a term used in the pressure washing industry for the yellow cast that accumulates under the eaves of a home, usually associated with white vinyl or aluminum sided houses, but can also affect other colors in a lesser manner. It is a culmination of dirt, smoke residue, and various environmental factors that settle in on the siding. Usually you notice it in the upper parts of a house because the soffits of the home prevent it from being rinsed regularly by rain. It is a tricky thing to clean because just a pressure washer alone(no matter the temperature or the intensity of the pressure) cannot remove this on it's own. It requires special chemical mixture to be applied after a basic softwash and then very thorough rinsing.

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